Crate Mayne passed out from being the life of the party

Who Is Crate Mayne?

Well if you want to go by how Webster's Dictonary defines Crate Mayne, then he's the illest mofo birthed. But for the purposes of this website, he's just a DJ that loves to put his mark on the music he enjoys. Specifically speaking, that's Rap and R&B. Sure I've got love for some others, but you can't be the illest mofo birthed if Rap and R&B weren't the favorites. And no, Country music has no place in my heart... Might possibly be the worst kind of music out there, right next to whatever Drake and Nicki Minaj put out. And if that Drake/Nicki statement just got a head nod from you, then please give yourself a handclap...

You now have something in common with the illest mofo birthed.

But for real, if you like Drake you're a bitch ass :-) And it has nothing to do with him being soft, because LL Cool J is legit in my book. It all comes down to the fact that Drake sounds the exact same in every single song. No switching up of the flow ever. He's just one boring ass crying rapper.

But anyways, I guess I got off topic. Goodnight.